2020 is throwing us an awful lot of curveballs lately, and recent developments in healthcare technology have not been spared.

With the rapid global spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), 关于保持社交距离的讨论很快变成了政府在许多地方下达的待在家里的命令, with the goal of “flattening the curve,” or easing the burden on the world’s healthcare systems.

现在, 似乎365bet真人体育能做的,就是把最新的突发新闻头条的变化调到一起,以避免患上严重的幽居病, “Social creatures adapting to life on lockdown.”

Cue our panic-struck populations, acting on the single goal of gathering a 6-month supply of toilet paper, 牛奶, 和面包.

While we might have the tools we need to get by at home for the foreseeable future, some of us are only scratching the surface of adaptation. Businesses are transitioning into remote setups for the first time, 网上杂货订单正开始取代365bet真人体育每天逛货架的习惯.

Likewise, nationwide patient-doctor relationships are going long distance, too.

但在医疗科技领域有一个迫在眉睫的问题:基于互联网的远程医疗还没有像最初计划的那样起飞. 自2000年代初以来,在线健康信息和交流呈指数级增长, 然而, only one in 10 Americans reported using telehealth in 2019.

If you want to maintain your patient base in this time of uncertainty, 它不再仅仅是对所有远程保健过程发展以人为本的观点的一种选择——它是365bet真人体育剩下的唯一选择.


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Spring is in the air, and so is our sudden collective panic! Are you feeling the effects of this last minute lockdown? 365bet真人体育的新网站和博客文章将告诉你生产保健产品的公司可以从中学到什么. Follow the link in our bio to our telehealth resources. #design #technology #business #startup #productdesign #designer #productmanager #productdesigner #designthinking #digitaldesign #appdesign #app #digitals #designproduct #ux #uxdesign #uxui #uidesign #uxinspiration #uxdesigner #uxdesigner #product #software #appdeveloper #designsprint #healthtech #techforgood #techthatmatters #nptech #covid_19 #healthcare

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联邦政府最近采取的步骤证明,远程保健不仅是一个可行的选择, it is a vital step to addressing health concerns from a distance. 的 新规定 《365真人》规定为近6200万医疗保险受益人提供远程医疗服务. It’s a good step, but only a fraction of the total American population.

现在, Medicare beneficiaries can reap the benefits of telehealth at home, helping us flatten the curve of COVID-19. For some users, it will present a new tech learning curve. That’s why tech designers need to be able to understand and assist patients.


  • 手机
  • Audio
  • Secure text messages
  • 电子邮件
  • 病人门户

And here is what patients can address with virtual check-ins, according to the Centers for Medicare Services website:

  • Initial symptom assessment and questioning
  • Patient intake to minimize virus spread
  • Non-virus related appointments

CMS的网站上没有提供关于哪种方法更适合虚拟签到的指导方针, what qualifies for non-virus related appointments, and what will necessitate a visit in person, 至少可以说.

With no streamlined telehealth initiative, 显然,目前的远程医疗标准可能无法满足这些高危患者的需求. 而不是, 医疗保险患者咨询医疗服务提供者的选择之多,是一堆由恐慌引发的令人眼花缭乱的解决方案.


This is telehealth as we know it amid a global pandemic in 2020, 患者的生命将取决于365bet真人体育采取的措施,以使其易于获得和有效.

Who has access to telehealth, who doesn’t, and why? Why is access considered essential for UX design?

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Are you offering telehealth options to your patients? For millions of Medicare patients, 在# covid - 19期间转向远程医疗将是他们首次使用远程医疗. 😳 If you are ready to make the switch, we can help. Read more about the user experience of telehealth, 看看365bet真人体育在做什么来帮助365bet真人体育通过简历中的"最后一分钟锁定"链接. #设计#技术#商业#创业#产品设计#设计师#产品经理#产品设计师#设计思维#数字设计#应用设计#数字设计产品#ux uxdesign #uxi udesign# uxinspiration #设计师#产品#软件#appdeveloper #设计sprint #健康科技#技术好#技术重要#nptech

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访问和感知是评估用户体验起伏的先决条件, let alone reforming it.

65岁及以上的老年人报告的远程医疗使用率在所有年龄组中最低. 如果75%的人口缺乏获得或不知道使用远程保健的潜力, 然后,2020年突然转向远程医疗优先服务可能难以应对, especially for the 65+ group.

None of this is to say that older adults aren’t tech-minded, or that they are not using tech products. Studies show that seniors use smartphones at the same rate as younger age groups. 超过80%的 Americans aged 50 to 64 have smartphones, according to one report by AARP. But to make sure we are designing telehealth products with our users in mind, we’ll need to gain some perspective, with plans for improvements that are more than just a band-aid during a pandemic.

设计师需要了解老年人医疗保健的障碍,以及老年人使用远程医疗产品的显著减少, compared with the rest of the population.

While seniors are using modern devices like smartphones and computers, usage rates could benefit from specially designed aspects of technology for seniors. We don’t need another viral crisis to start designing effective, 非常高效。, and adaptable telehealth products. When we are already expecting the worst outcomes for the most vulnerable patients, technology needs to be designed to alleviate the burden, 而不是增加.

This is where good healthcare design helps innovation meet empathy.

扩大远程医疗:哪些医疗领域可以很好地转化为远程医疗系统? What does that mean for UX?

Here is the good news: Telehealth is projected for growth for the foreseeable future. Again, it’s one of the most viable options we have for continued healthcare. 下一个, we need to ease our patients out of crisis mode, 并让人们意识到远程医疗是一种长期的医疗解决方案,它弊大于利.

To ease the burden of cost and accessibility, 医疗保健公司可以考虑加入执业护士等有执照的医疗专业人员. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)有资格进行许多与全科医生相同的手术, and specialty care, at a significantly lower cost.

这意味着, 远程医疗有可能用于一些特殊的护理实践,患者可以看到一般的健康需求, as opposed to emergency consultations. 的 future of telehealth could easily cover the following patient populations:

  • Family and Individual Primary Care Physicians Across the Lifespan
  • Adult-Gerontology (Acute Care and Primary care)
  • Women’s Health and Gender-Related Care
  • 新生儿
  • Pediatrics (Acute Care and Primary Care)
  • Psychiatric and Mental Health

当然, this list is non-exhaustive, 但对于大多数患者来说,远程医疗的未来潜力比以往任何时候都更有希望. 设计师和医疗保健提供商需要确保良好的医疗保健只需点击或拨打电话即可.

色彩梦, our specialty is connecting patients, healthcare providers, and non-profit organizations with effective digital solutions. Let’s break the cycle of panic. 今天就与365bet真人体育一起迈出设计驱动的第一步,迈向更好的医疗保健解决方案:

Yes, I need COVID-19 Related Assistance!


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